photographic career history

c. 1955. The choir of Saint Peter & Saint Paul, Shiplake, Oxfordshire,
England. Derek Healey (organist/choirmaster), back row, 2nd from left,
and Olive Healey (nee Smith), 2nd row, 2nd from right. photographer unknown

September 1966. Class of Goffredo Petrassi, Accademia Chigiana, Siena, Italy.
(Petrassi 3rd from left, DH [Derek Healey] far right). photographer unknown

September 1966. DH taking a bow at the premiere of Laudes, op. 26,
at the Accademia Chigiana, Siena, Italy. photo: Foto Grassi

July 20th 1970. George Corwin, (conductor), DH and Cathy Young (soprano)
at the premiere of Butterflies, op. 36, Victoria Fair,
University of Victoria, BC, Canada. photo: Ian McKain

July 20th 1970. Hugh McLean, George Corwin & DH after the premiere of
Butterflies, op. 36, at UVIC, BC., Canada. photo: Ian McKain

November 3rd 1974. DH with Barrie Cabena (at the organ),
and Walter Kemp (with baton), after the premiere of Clouds, op.41a
at St Paul's Church, Cambridge, Ontario. photo: Kitchener Waterloo Record

Winter 1977. DH playing through sketches of the opera Seabird Island, op.46,
to the conductor Niki Goldschmidt. Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Photo: Guelph Mercury

March 1977. The front cover of the magazine "Opera Canada", showing an
Indian rattle superimposed over the score of the opera Seabird Island, op.46,
to be premiered at the 1977 Guelph Spring Festival. photo: Willem Hart

Summer 1977. The front cover of the magazine "Performing Arts in Canada" showing
Barbara Ianni and Donald Bell in a scene from the opera Seabird Island, op. 46,
premiered at the 1977 Guelph Spring Festival. photo: William Lord

1977. DH working at his desk on Wood, op. 51,
Guelph, Ontario. Photo: O.H. (Olive Healey)

March 2000. Micheal Purvis-Smith with DH & Barrie Cabena,
after the premiere of One Midsummer's Morning, op. 82, by the
Wilfred Laurier University Wind Ensemble, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Photo: O.H.

November 2002. Jeffery Reynolds & DH with the
University of Toronto Wind Ensemble at a rehearsal of
One Midsummer's Morning, op. 82, Toronto, Ontario. Photo: O.H.

March 5th 2003. Nigel Boddice directing the Wind Orchestra
of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow,
in rehearsal of One Midsummer's Morning, op. 82. Photo: D.H.

February 2009. Postcard advertising the premiere of A Mass for San Corrado, op. 116,
directed by Gabriele Verdinelli, in Noto Cathedral, Sicily, Italy. Photo: Cattedrale di Noto

July 3rd 2011. Jonathan Oldengarm (organ), Claudia Tesorino (soprano saxophone)
wuth DH after the premiere of Northern Landscapes, op. 102,
in the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul, Montreal, Quebec. Photo: O.H.

March 29th 2012. Keith Clark, DH & Nancy Wood at the premiere of
The Coast of Oregon: the Quest for Aztlan, op 128. photo: ©2012 Chris Leck

June 2012. Gabriele Verdinelli rehearsing Missa Brevis: Santa Cecilia,
op. 130, with the Polifonica Santa Cecilia, Ugo Spanu (accompanist),
Sassari, Sardinia, Italy. Photo: D.H.

DH giving a lecture on his music at the Conservatorio L. Canepa, Sassari, Sardinia,
which was followed by the premiere of Missa Brevis Santa Cecilia, op. 130
for choir and organ. photo: Bernardo's Photos

April 13th 2013. Saskia Klumpp (contralto), DH, Claudia Tesorino (alto saxophone)
wirh Ulrich Paetzholdt (piano), after a rehearsal of Morgenstern-Lieder, op. 129,
at the Paulusgemeinde, Berlin-Zehlendorf, Germany. Photo: Florian Kätel

November 6th 2014. Ulrich Paetzholdt, Claudia Tesorino, the Saxonoras,
& the Madiba Choir, in rehearsal for The Outlandish Knight, op 139,
which was premiered at the Gedaechtnis-Kirche, Berlin. photo: D.H.

November 6th 2014. The Saxonoras & DH
after the premiere of Tokkata: a homage to Dietrich Buxtehude, op. 138,
at the Gedaechtniskirche, Berlin, Germany. photographer unknown

October 11th 2015. "Look, Stranger, at this Island now" poster,
with Dr. Jörg Riedlbauer (Kulturdezernent) at which concert was premiered
Seascapes and Shanties, op. 135 given by Saskia Klumpp and Anita Keller
at the Stadhalle, Biberach, Germany. photo: D.H.

December 4th 2015. John Washburn with the Vancouver Chamber Choir & DH,
after the premiere of A Posy for the Christ Child: Six Carols, op. 140,
at the Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Photo: Vancouver Sun

October 4th 2016. Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario. Rehearsal for
the premiere of A Northern Phantasy, op. 105, given by
E-Chen Hsu (cl.), Patrick Horn (vla.) & Heather Morrison (pf.). photo: D.H.

December 12th 2016. DH with Lester Seigel, who had just conducted the US premiere
of A Posy for The Christ Child, op.140 by Sursum Corda with Judith Hicks (harp),
at Canterbury United Methodist Church, Mountain Brook, Alabama. photo: O.H.

April 5th 2017. Annette Wiszisla (piano) & DH after
the premiere of Cityscape with Bells: Gedaechtniskirche, op. 142,
at the Gedaechtniskirche, Berlin. Photo: Claudia Tesorino


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