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Orchestral Works

Publishers name given when work is currently in print;
copies of unpublished works obtainable from
Canadian Music Centre
Chalmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9, Canada
or from the composer

Opus# Title Publisher Year Duration
8 Concerto for organ, strings & timpani
A three movement work in neo-classic idiom, recorded by the CBC Vancouver Chamber Ochestra.
1. Lento-Faster-Lento-Presto. 2. Intermezzo. 3. Cadenza-Vivace.
[RCCO] 1960 13'
19 Tre Movimenti per Orchestra
Three short abstract-expressionist movements
2-2-2-2, 3-4-4-0, timp, 2 perc, cel, hp, str.
1963 8'
22 Romany Variations (Var. on 'The Three Gypsies')
    organ, strings & perc.
Eight variations based on the well-known English folk song,
with a few 20th century popular-music stylings: not difficult.
[RCCO] 1965/79 16'
24b Serenata I
   string orchestra or string quartet
A light four movement serenade arranged from the composer's ballet 'i Carcerati.'
1) Allegretto, 2) Siciliano, 3) Alla Danza, 4) Alla Marcia.
1968 12'
36 Butterflies
    soprano solo & large chamber ensemble
An extended work consisting of settings of eight haiku with interludes
Sop solo, 1-1-1-1, 1-0-0-0, 2 perc, hpschd, elec org, 2 vln, vla, clc, cb.
1970 30'
37 The Raven
    Amateur string orchestra
A suite for amateur or school orchestra of mixed ability, based on an ancient Kwakiutl melody.
1) The Raven, 2) Sho, 3) Dance, 4) Moto Perpetuo
1971 10'
40 Arctic Images
    orchestra [Ricordi]
A suite inspired by Inuit prints. Recorded on LPs by CBC
Vancouver and the Louisville Orchestras.
1) Bear Hunter, 2) Cariboo, Winter light, 3) Mosquito Dream,
4) Cliff Dwellers, 5) The Arrival of the Sun.
2-2-2-2, 2-2-2-0, timp, 2 perc, pno (cel), str.
1971/77 16'
42 Triple Concerto 'Noh'
    flute, piano & synthesizer with orchestra
A triple concerto using the form of the classic Noh play.
Act 1 (Overture - aria - aria - dialogue - chorus - dance),
Interlude: Hayashi
Act 2 (Chorale with trios - aria - dialogue - chorus - dance)
fl, pno & synth soli. 2-2-2-2, 4-2-1-1, 3 perc, elec org. str)
1974 40'
45 Primrose in Paradise
    orchestra (Mvt 3 of Shape-Note Symphony) pub. by Theodore Presser
A reflective slow movement built on the shape-note hymn 'Primrose'.
2-2-2-2, 2-2-1-0, perc, str.
1975 8'
47 Sweet Prospect
    orchestra (Mvt 2 of Shape-Note Symphony)
A scherzo using two shape-note hymn melodies.
2-2-2-2, 2-2-1-0, perc, str
1977 10'
49 Desert Landscape with Figures
A fantasy-piece in three sections inspired by the world of the Maghrib.
2-2-2-2, 2-2-1-0, perc, accord (or elec org), hp, str.
1978 12'
52 Oregon Fancy
    chamber orchestra
A short celebratory work.
2-2-0-2, 2-0-0-0, hp, str.
1978 5'
53 Tribulation and the Morning Trumpet
    orchestra (Mvt 1 of Shape-Note Symphony)
An extended allegro movement moving from a serious opening to a triumphant close.
2-2-2-2, 2-2-1-0, perc, str
1978 14'
64 Symphony III: Music for a Small Planet
A three-movement symphony for large orchestra introducing folk songs from around the world.
1. Ancient Songs, 2. Shouts and Dances, 3. Bells
3-3-3-3, 4-3-3-1, 4 perc, hp, str.
1984 25'
70 Gabriola: A West Coast Canadian Set
A five-movement suite inspired by the native culture of the North American Pacific Coast.
1. Gabriola, 2. The Raven, 3. Petroglyph,
4. Sick Joke, 5. The Killer Whale's Song
2-2-2-2, 2-2-1-0, 3 perc, pno, str.
1988 21'
71 Salal: an Idyll
A reflective fantasy based on Salish and Kwakiutl melodic fragments.
2-1-2-2, 2-0-0-0, timp, 1 perc, pno (or harp), str.
1990 8'
74 Shaker Set No. I
    string orchestra or string quintet
A four-movement suite introducing spirit-songs and hymns of the Shakers.
1. Persecution, and the Journey to the New Jerusalem,
2. To enter the Kingdom, 3. Love is Little, 4. The Willow
1994 16'
76 Shaker Set No. 2
    string orchestra or string quintet
A second suite introducing spirit-songs and hymns of the Shakers.
1. Mother's Mantle, 2. Spirit Song - Co-lo-vin,
3. Scherzo - l-ne-vi-ne violet, 4. Mother Lucy's Birthday Song
1993 14'
77 Shaker Set No. 3
    string orchestra or string quintet
The third suite introducing spirit-songs and hymns of the Shakers.
1. Solemn Song, 2. Spirit Song - The Bugle, 3. Shaker High
1993 12'
79 Serenata II: 'From the West'
    string orchestra
A suite using melodic fragments from the Native peoples of British Columbia
1. Fanfares, 2. Kwakiutl Night, 3. Capriccio - Gwawin
4. A Summer's Evening, 5. Totem Fragments
1995 15' 30"
90 Alert Bay: Idyll II
A second idyll, based on a Kwakiutl ritual melody and natural sounds found on this island settlement.
2-2-2-2, 2-0-0-0, timp (opt), 1 perc (opt), str.
2001 9' 30"
100 Red Hook Scherzo
   full orchestra
This work was inspired by a trip to the harbor district of Brooklyn in the early 1990's
2005 7' 40"
124 Serenata for Strings III 'Canciones Latinas'
   string orchestra
A set of short characteristic preludes based on traditional Spanish religious songs
1) Cantico antiguo (Santo eres Tu)      2) Aria (Un Mandamiento Nuevo)
3) Son (Senor, Proclamamos la Fe)     4) Cancion (Peque, Peque Senor)
5) Salida (Como el Rey David)
2010 11' 30"

All scores available through
Canadian Music Centre
Chalmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9, Canada

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