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Solo Voice

Publishers name given when work is currently in print;
copies of unpublished works obtainable from
Canadian Music Centre
Chalmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9, Canada
or from the composer

Opus# Title Publisher Year Duration
11 Six Greek Fragments     soprano or tenor & piano
1) Inscription: Pan     Plato
2) Cold Pastoral      Leonidas
3) Flowers: For Heliodora      Maleagros
4) Memphis      Palladas
5) Modus Vivendi      Palladas
6) On Troy fallen      Agathias
A set of vivid miniatures, each with its own contrasting character. Employs various scale structures.
1961 9'
13 Five Thomas Hardy Songs      tenor & piano
1) The Protean Maiden
2) A Winsome Woman
3) Boys then and now
4) In time of 'The Breaking of Nations'
5) Weathers
The songs concentrate on the more gentle and positive aspect of Thomas Hardy's complex character.
1961 8'
14 Six American Songs      soprano or tenor & piano
1) Buffalo Bill      e.e.cummings
2) To One in Paradise      E.A. Poe
3) The Purist      Ogden Nash
4) Morning at the Window      T.S. Eliot
5) What the Bullet sang,     Bret Harte
6) New Hampshire      T.S. Eliot
These settings span the period from E.A. Poe to e.e.cummings; the mood covers the span from the humorous to the tragic.
1961 10'
16 Six Irish Songs      soprano or tenor & piano
1) Magdalen Walks      Oscar Wilde
2) Strings in the Earth      James Joyce
3) Death may be...      Oliver St. John Gogarty
4) I hear an Army charging      James Joyce
5) A Cradle Song      W.B. Yeats
6) A Drinking Song      W.B. Yeats
A set of songs with lyrics chosen from around the start of the twentieth century. Contain a wide variety of emotions.
1962 11'
36 Butterflies     soprano solo & large chamber ensemble
An extended work consisting of settings of eight haiku with interludes
Sop solo, 1-1-1-1, 1-0-0-0, 2 perc, hpschd, elec org, 2 vln, vla, clc, cb.
1970 30'
51a Wood     (without text)     soprano or shackuhachi & 4 synthesizers
Both the vocal and synthesizers parts in this vocalise work employ proportional notation and makes use of Japanese shackuhachi ornamentation devices.
1978 10'
51b Wood II     (without text)     soprano & string quartet
An arrangement of 'Wood', the synthesizer parts being arranged for string quartet; employs proportional notation.
1979/80 10'
78 Three Ross Songs )     baritone or mezzo sop. & chamber ensemble
1) Butterfly
2) If ice
3) Young Poplars
These three miniature settings for medium voice are as an Accompaniment consisting of flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion and piano
1994 5'
88 Northern Songs, Book 1 & 2     (W.W.E. Ross)
                 soprano, violin, piano & organ
Book 1
1) Butterfly
2) Thought
3) Moon
4) Butterfly II
5) Diver
Book 2
6) Wandering
7) Butterfly III
8) Pine Odour
9) Butterfly IV
10) Sun
These two sets of songs to texts of Canadian Imagist poet W.W.E. Ross were written at the request of the McLean Trio. They explore the natural world of rural Ontario, Canada.


97 Five Edward Thomas Songs )     mezzo-soprano & piano
1) Sowing
2) Tall Nettles
3) Song
4) Adlestrop
5) The Huxter
Settings of nostalgic texts set in rural Southern England, by a poet who died in the First World War.
2005 9'
107 The Silvered Lute: a Wang Wei Song Album soprano & piano
       1) The Ravine       2) The Grove of Dark Bamboo       3) Green Creek
       4) Green Willows       5) Cold Mountains       6) The Autumn Moon
       7) The Hunt       8) Old Home       9) The Empty Mountain
An album of nine settings of poems by the great Tang Dynasty poet and painter, Wang Wei.
2006 16' 00"
107a Three Album Leaves medium/high voice and piano
1) The Ravine (1’57”) Wang Wei
2) Spring Blossoms (2’40”) Li Yu
3) The Hunt (1’44”) Wang Wei
Three settings of ancient Chinese song texts
Leyele Publications
Editor, Mei Zhong
2006 6'21"
114 Golden Apples (Oscar Wilde) High soprano and piano
       1) From Spring Days to Winter        2) Le Jardin        3) Theocritus
       4) Chanson        5) 5) Ave Mari Gratia Plena       
Five settings of characteristic texts by the Irish literary genius, Oscar Wilde
2007 12' 10"
115 Bid Time Return      soprano voice and piano
1) 'Cold Dawn' (Derek Healey)
2) 'Kensington: 1954' (Derek Healey)
3) 'Ariel's Song' (William Shakespeare)
4) 'Mantra' (Joshu/Chao-Chou)
5) 'A Puzzlement' (Han Shan)
6) 'Requiescat' (Anon Ancient Greek)
2008 10' 45"
121a,b & c An Italian Songbook: 10 songs with texts byCarducci, Pascoli and d'Annunzio
   Baritone and piano
Opus 121a: Three Carducci Songs
1) 'Pianto Antico ' (2' 48")   2) 'San Martino' (3' 43")   3) 'Il treno' (1' 34")
Total = 8' 05"
Opus 121b: Four Pascoli Songs
1) 'Novembre' (2' 56")   2) 'Il gelsomino notturno'(4' 09")
3) 'Orfano (2' 06")         4) 'L'assiuolo' (2' 36")
Total = 11' 47"
Opus 121c: Three D'Annunzio Songs
1) 'Assisi' (4' 35')   2) 'O falce di luna calante'(2' 55")   3) 'Romanza' (2' 12")
Total = 9' 42"
Three groups of songs, each devoted to the work of a single lateNineteenth Century Italian poet. Moods cover the gamut from an heroiclament to a cradle song. Can also be performed by mezzo-soprano.
Oct. 2009 29' 34"
123 Thy Distant Fire: an Edgar Allan Poe Songbook      high voice and piano
1) Eldorado
4) Sancta Maria!
7) Serenade
2) Evening Star
5) To the River
8) Lines on Ale
3) To F:
6) To Zante
Eight settings of Poe's imaginative poetry for high voice. Moods vary from the fantastic, through the religious, to love songs.
Jan. 2010 18' 15"
126 Five Edward Thomas Songs: Set 2
   High voice and piano
1) Song - Early one Morning
2) The Pond
3) Women he Liked
4) The Trumpet
5) Will you come?
A second, more emotionally varied, set of songs by this poet who lost his life in WWI
2011 11' 08"
129 Morgenstern Lieder
(Christian Morgenstern) (Contralto, alto saxophone & piano)
     An extended group of colorful songs set to emotionally varied texts
     of the great early twentieth century German "absurdist" poet
       1) Im Tierkostum 2) Das Nasobem 3) Die Tagnachtlampe
       4) Leise Lieder 5) Mowenlied 6) Die unmogliche Tatsache
       7) Winternacht 8) Das grosse Lalula        9) Der Traum der Magd
       10) Fisches Nachtgesang        11) Die beiden Esel
2011 25' 30"
135 Seascapes and Shanties
Contralto and piano
      1) Surf-smoke (Norman Newton)
      2) You Bunch of Roses (Shanty)
      3) The World Beneath the Brine (Walt Whitman)
      4) The Fishes (Shanty)
      5) Moon Jelly (DEH)
      6) Passage, Immediate Passage (Walt Whitman)
A set of contrasting songs dealing with the different aspects of the sea and the men whose livelihood depends on it. Songs 1, 3 & 6 are more symphonic in construction. Suitable for advance students or professional singers.
2013 21'
136 Alice: Five Lewis Carroll Songs
mezzo soprano (or baritone) and piano
      1) A boat, beneath a sunny sky
      2) Tweedledum and Tweedledee
      3) How doth the little crocodile
      4) You are old, Father William
      5) The Lobster Quadrille
Five songs of no great seriousness, with texts chosen from the Alice stories.
2014 13' 30"
137 Heinelieder
mezzo soprano and piano
      1) Weisse Flocken
      2) Grunen Waldorchester
      3) Schmetterling
      4) Lotosblume
      5) Begegnung
      6) Alter Konig
      7) Fortschrittswelt
A work with texts chosen from the more unfamiliar poems of the poets middle and late periods poems rich in fantasy.
2014 18' 47"
Preghiera: Beati i poveri in spirito
Soprano solo, optional SATB, soprano saxophone & harp
      Text: Matthew V, 3-8
A prayer with text in Italian taken from the Beatitudes.
2015 4' 50"
146 Bianco's Delight: a bakers dozen cat songs
Soprano (or mezzo) & piano
      1) Puss came Dancing (Trad. Nursery Rhyme)
      2) She sights a Bird (Emily Dickinson)
      3) Sonnet to Mrs. Reynolds Cat (John Keats)
      4) Kittens (Lewis Carroll)
      5) Dame Wiggins of Lee (John Ruskin)
      6) A Cats Conscience (Anon.)
      7) To a Cat (Algernon Charles Swinburne)
      8) A Cat in Distress (Percy Bysshe Shelley)
      9) Six little Mice (Trad. Nursery Rhyme)
      10) Rindle, Randle (Trad. Nursery Rhyme)
      11) The Cats have left for tea (Kate Greenaway)
      12) At the Fireside (Trad. Nursery Rhyme)
      13) Salmagundi (Trad. Nursery Rhymes)
Settings of texts as diverse as a sonnet of Keats, poems of Shelley and Dickinson, and popular nursery rhymes.
Aug. 2015 20' 02"
150 Songs from the Shih Ching
Lyric soprano and large wind ensemble

       Movements - Part 1       Duration: 15’29”
1) The Raging Waters    2) The Clearing
3) Be careful, Chung Tsu!    4) Shu is away
5) The Willows at the Western Gate    6) The Hunt

       Movements – Part 2       Duration: 16’37”
7) The Sacred Tower    8) Down fall the plums
9) The North Wind    10) Gathering White Asters
11) The great Carriage    12) What of the Night?

Song cycle of a dramatic nature, chosen from the Chou Dynasty collection of the Shin Ching or Confucian Odes c. 800 B.C. – 600 B.C.  For Senior or Graduate level performers.  Songs may be performed individually or in groups chosen by the performers.
2016 32' 06"

All scores available through
Canadian Music Centre
Chalmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9, Canada

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