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Publishers name given when work is currently in print;
copies of unpublished works obtainable from
Canadian Music Centre
Chalmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9, Canada
or from the composer

Opus# Title Publisher Year Duration
3a October's Dream
An atmospheric fantasy evoking the mood of late Autumn in England. (Moderately difficult)
1957 7'
3b Paeanistic Waltz
A spirited concert waltz, written in celebration of the twenty-first birthday of noted Ulster musician Derek Bell. (Moderately difficult)
1956 5'
5 Partita Moderna
1) Fanfare (allegro giocoso)
2) Carousel (allegretto)
3) Blues (nel tempo di Jazz lento)
4) March (alla Marcia)
5) Antique (andantino con garbo)
6) Barn Dance (presto con vivo)
   A suite of picturesque movements in a lightish vein. (Moderately difficult)
1959 13'
6 Twelve Preludes
 1) C - Allegro leggiero    2) C sharp - Lento
 3) D - Allegretto con garbo    4) E flat - Largo
 5) E - Andantino, ma non troppo lento    6) F - Adagio
 7) F sharp - Feroce    8) G - Lento mistico (Chorale)
 9) A flat - Moderato ma maestosamente
10) A - Semplice    11) B flat - Scherzoso
12) B - Allegro vivo
   A set of preludes in the twelve tonal centers. Explores many different scale structures and emotions. (Moderately difficult)
[Jaymar Music] 1960 16'
43 Lieber Robert (piano & tape)
The work which was commissioned by the CBC for performance by pianist/composer John Hawkins, explores various facets of the music of Robert Schumann. (Difficult)
1975 25'
55 Mr. Thoreau's Fogscape
A fantasy inspired by entries in Henry David Thoreau's Journals. (Moderately difficult)
1979 7'
103 Bagatelles - piano
An ongoing work of a biographical nature - as of writing, consists of ten movements.
2006 -
108 Pastorale and Jig - Piano: 4 hands
A somewhat mysterious opening followed by a rambunctious Triple Jig.
2006 9' 20"
142 Cityscape with Bells: Gedachtniskirche
Piano solo
      A fantasy piece inspired by the bells of the Gedachtniskirche, Berlin, together with sounds of the surrounding city.
2015 15' 30"
144 Bagatelles Bk 1 The English Years 1952-1959
Piano solo
       1) Music antica 2) Pavan
       3) Zephyr I        4) Air
       5) Zephyr II        6) Arches
       7) Zephyr III        8) Helter-skelter
       9) Serenade for Columbine        10) Invention
       11) from birdsong        12) Kensington Gardens: Nov. 53
       13) Cano        14) Humoresqu
       15) Aria semplice        16) Adagio
       17) Repeated notes        18) Scherzo
       19) Echos        20) Adieu
An autobiographical collection of short piano pieces interspersed with a set of recent variations varying levels of difficulty.
April 2015 24' 36"

All scores available through
Canadian Music Centre
Chalmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9, Canada

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