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Choir Secular

Publishers name given when work is currently in print;
copies of unpublished works obtainable from
Canadian Music Centre
Chalmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9, Canada
or from the composer

Secular - Part songs

Opus# Title Publisher Year Duration
41a Clouds
(Basho) choir a cappella, SSS solos (or flutes) & choir

Written for the choir of WLU - the solo (or flutes) & choir parts are canonic; the chorus parts use proportional notation
[ex-Waterloo Music] 1972/73 7'
In Flanders Fields
(John McCrae) (anthem) sop. solo, SATB & alto rec.

A setting of McCrae's well-known text with alto recorder in folk style
[ex-Warner/Chappell] 1974 5'
Boy Blue
(Eugene McNamara) SATB a cappella

A short nostalgic piece
1978 3'
85 Four Blake Songs
(William Blake) Children's voices (S&A) & organ or piano

Fresh settings of four of Blake's Songs of Innocence, suitable for a Junior or Women's choir
1997 6' 30"
Yellow Butterflies
(trad. Hopi text) A part song for SSA, fl, perc, and piano

For children or adult female voices; colorful work with a demanding obbligato flute part
2003 4' 55"
122a/b Two Thoreau Lyrics
(Henry David Thoreau)   (SATB and piano) (optional)
   1) 'The Moon'    2) 'I Sailed up a River'
Two linked songs, the first concerned with the moon, the second withlife's journey. Multiple divisions in the first song. May also be sunga cappella.
Nov. 2009 4' 50"
139 The Outlandish Knight
chorus and saxophone octet
      Text: English folk ballad
A setting of the text of an English folk ballad is both dramatic and yet, not without humor.
2014 7' 05"

Secular - Longer works

Opus# Title Publisher Year Duration
41b Six Canadian Folk Songs: Set 1
choir with piano (ad lib)

i)   Salish Song (Southern B.C.)
ii)   Jovial Young Sailor (Nova Scotia)
iii)  Eskimo Hunting Song (Baker Lake)
iv)  Get to Bed (Nova Scotia)
v)  The Banks of Loch Erin (Newfoundland)
vi)  Danse, Mon Moin, Danse (Quebec)
Settings of songs from different Provinces and ethnic groups of Canada. Suitable for university or high school choir
1973 25'
48 The Brown Season
(Henry Thoreau) choir, flute & percussion
Settings of selections from Thoreau's Journals describing the early days of Spring; contains an important flute part; makes use of phonetic imitations of bird song
1978 12'
67 Seven Songs from 'Lustra'
(Ezra Pound) choir with piano (ad lib)
Settings of Imagist poems and translations from Lustra (1915) - suitable for semi- professional or university choir
1967/86 15'
68 Before the World is Old
(A. E. Housman) SATB with piano ad lib
Seven songs for choir with piano, settings of well-known poems from The Shropshire Lad, including Loveliest of Trees - modal and melodic
1986 15'
86 Six Canadian Folk Songs: Set 2
choir with piano (ad lib)

i)   The First Dance (Northern B.C.)
ii)   Save your money (Ontario)
iii)  The Maiden's Lament (Newfoundland)
iv)   Lisette (Quebec)
v)    Weather Chant (North West Territories)
vi)   Harbour Grace Diddling (Nova Scotia)
Written in memory of Elmer Iseler, these settings are similar in vein to Set 1 (op.41b)
1998 16'
91 Pioneering Days: Six American Folk Songs
choir with piano (ad lib)
i)   Wake-up, Jacob
ii)   Ox-driving Song
iii)  When I was single
iv)   Long time ago
v)    Fare thee well
vi)   Black-eyed Susie
Six folk songs with origins in the Nineteenth Century, covering the gamut from a Cowboy wake-up call to a poor Appalachian woman's lament for the hardships of life
2002 18'/17'
155 Three Whitman Songs
SATBarB and piano obbligato
a) Cavalry Crossing at Ford (4 ’30”)
b) Bivouac on a Mountain Side (4’20”)
c) Sing on, Sing on, you Gray-Brown Bird (5’30”)
Three serious settings of short poems by the great, heroic nineteenth-century poet.
2018 Total Duration:

All scores available through
Canadian Music Centre
Chalmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9, Canada

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