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Choir Sacred

Publishers name given when work is currently in print;
copies of unpublished works obtainable from
Canadian Music Centre
Chalmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9, Canada
or from the composer


Opus# Title Publisher Year Duration
The Shepherd Boy's Song
(Paul Bunyan) (SATB & organ)
An easy anthem suitable for a smaller choir
Alex. Broude
1' 30"
The Eternal Gifts of Christ the King
(St. Ambrose) (SATB & organ)
A vigorous anthem with an important organ part
1965 2'
O God of Truth
(St. Ambrose tr. J.M.Neale) (Treble voices & organ)
A plainsong anthem, divides up into 3 parts - of a 'mystic' nature
[ex-G V Thompson] 1966 4'
The Days of Man
(Ps 103 v. 15-17) (SATB [ST] & organ [ad-lib.])
An anthem in two sections, the first fatalistic, the second spiritually enlightened - not easy
[ex-Augsburg] 1966/75 3'
O Trinity of Blessed Light
(St. Ambrose tr. J.M.Neale) (Unison or SATB & organ)
A gently moving anthem in 6/8, with v. 3 in canon; is suitable for evening
[ex-H W Gray] 1968/76 2'
O King enthroned on High
(Pentecostarion, tr. J. Brownlie) (SATB & organ)
A general anthem suitable for a small choir:
v. 1 unison, v. 2 solo , v. 3 (SATB)
[ex-Augsburg] 1968/76 2'
There is one Body
(Ephesians 4 - 4) (SATB & synthesizer or tape or organ)
A spiritual anthem for the adventurous choir, suitable for communion
[ex-GVT] 1972/75 8'
In Flanders Fields
(John McCrae) (S solo, SATB & alto recorder or flute or violin)
A quietly moving remembrance anthem, in folksong style
[ex-GVT] 1974 5'
The Spacious Firmament
(Motet II) (SSA & organ)
An extended anthem for the advanced choir - a important organ part
1997 8' 30"
God be in my Head
(Sarun Primer, 1558) (SA Choir & organ)
A short easy anthem, suitable for a small choir or children's chorus
(Oregon Catholic Press)
1998 1' 45"
The Royal Banners
(Bishop Fortunatus tr. J.M.Neale) (Soprano. & descant [ad-lib.])
A simple arrangement of the well known hymn, suitable for children's choir
1998 3' 50"
Rejoice, O land
(R. Bridges) (SATB or Unison chorus & organ)
An energetic general anthem - not difficult
ECS (E.C.Schirmer)
www.ECSpublishing. com
1999 2' 15"
A Hymn of Glory
(Venerable Bede) (SSATB & organ)
Healey has written a simply wonderful festival piece which, while useful for general purposes, is especially suited for the celebration of Ascension - Creator (March/April 2006)
ECS (E.C.Schirmer)
2000 3' 10"
Tell me, O Humble Grass
(SA & piano)
An easy children's anthem with extended piano interludes
2001 4' 30"
Hosanna to the Son of David
(Double choir, or choir with Brass Quintet)
A short introit for Palm Sunday
2001 1' 10"
The Prayer of St. Francis
(SATB & organ)
A melodic setting of this well know text with an important organ part
Paraclete Press
www.paracletepress. com
2001 5'
The White Dove
(Derek Healey) (2 Sop. Soloist, SATB & organ)
A simple anthem for two antiphonal soprano solos, choir and organ; suitable for the Baptism of Christ or general use
ECS (E.C.Schirmer)
www.ECSpublishing. com
2003 3' 20"
He who drinks from my Mouth
(St. Thomas) (SSABar & organ)
A mystic communion anthem largely in unison; uses the octotonic scale
2005 4' 20"
O Blessed Queen of Mercy
(Medieval English) (SSA & organ)
A calm, sensitive, anthem with medieval stylings and an important organ part; suitable for Marian feast days & Christmas
(Oregon Catholic Press)
2005 4' 15"
Lift up your Hearts
(Henry Butler) (SATB, descant & organ)
A simple reoccurring melody, with a toccata-like organ accompaniment
2005 2' 40"
For all Thy Saints, O Lord
(Richard Mant, 1776-1848) (SAB and organ)
A joyful anthem suitable for the choir of limited resources
(Oregon Catholic Press)
2007 2' 30"
120 Three Sacred Songs
(Choir and flute, with piano ad lib)
Song 1: The Round Day
Text: Derek Healey
Duration: 4' 10"
Date of composition:June 2009
Song 2: The Shepherd Lad
Text: St. John of the Cross adapted from the Spanish by Derek Healey
Duration: 4' 04"
Date of composition;Feb 2008
Song 3: Magdalene's Song ('In the Smile of my Lord')
Text: Derek Healey
Duration: 4' 30"
Three choral songs suitable for either church or concert use, concerning the Virgin Mary, the Crucifixion and Mary Magdalene. May also beperformed without piano.
June 2008 12' 45"
The Garden
(SATB and organ) (text: Isaac Watts)
A positive melodic setting of Isaac Watt's mystical text, with an importantorgan part. Suitable for Harvest, Rogationtide, Thanksgiving or for General use. Not difficult
Paraclete Press
www.paracletepress. com
2009 3' 20"
Draw Nigh, and Take the Body of the Lord
(SATB and organ) (Text: Sancti.venite/transl. J.M.Neale)
A setting of a well-known communion hymn text - not difficult
2010 2' 45'
At Morn - at Noon - at Twilight dim
(SATB) (Text: Edgar Allan Poe)
A Marian anthem, also suitable for Advent or a Carol Service
ECS (E.C.Schirmer)
www.ECSpublishing. com
2010 2' 00"
Eternal Father, who Didst all Create
(SA[T]B and organ) (Text: Robert Bridges)
An easy anthem with an imposing opening and a quiet close
2010 2' 47"
Hymn to the Queen of Heaven
(SATB a cappella) (Text: Adapted from Medieval sources by the composer)
A Marian Anthem with Medieval French styling's -- suitable for High School, Collegeor Church choirs
ECS (E.C.Schirmer)
www.ECSpublishing. com
2011 3' 10"
Lord Jesus, think on me
(SA[T]B and organ) (Text: Synesius/transl. Allan William Chatfield)
An easy Lenten anthem in Shape-note style, with a strong close
2011 3' 14"


Opus# Title Publisher Year Duration
Come Rejoicing
(Anon. 11th Century) (SATB and piano or organ)
A simple setting of an ancient text, contains much unison writing.
1953/2006 2' 36"
When Christ was Born of Mary
(English c. 1456) (SATB)
A lively setting with medieval stylings
[ex-Augsburg] 1954/75 1' 30"
As I Was A-Walking
(SATB unaccompanied)
A simple setting of folk-style words - needs a sensitive performance
[ex-Augsburg] 1967/76 4'
A Virgin Pure
(Traditional Dorset) (SATB and organ - ad lib)
A feeling of calm pervades this carol with Celtic stylings.
GIA Publications,Inc.
1980/97 2' 35"
The Nativity of Our Lord
(Christopher Smart) (SATB and organ)
A vigorous setting of this mystic text.
1980/97 1' 45"
From Our Happy Home
(SATB chorus & organ [ad-lib.])
A rhythmic setting of the joyful, secular text
ECS (E.C.Schirmer)
www.ECSpublishing. com
1980/97 2' 40"
Hark, how the Voice is Echoed 'round'
(Anon Dorset) (SATB, opt. organ accompaniment)
A setting in traditional English rural style, with a strong ending
WB (Warner Brothers)
www.sheetmusicplus. com
1980/97 2' 40"
Sleep, Holy Babe
(Edward Caswell) (SATB unaccompanied)
(A Carol in the manner of Delius) - lullaby with a little chromaticism, in Delian style
S&B 1984/97 3' 35"
54 Three Carols
      1) 'From East to West' (SATB a cappella)
      2) 'All Hail, ye little Martyr flower' (SATB a cappella)
      3) 'Bethlehem, of Noblest Cities' (SATB a cappella)
The group of carols set to early Christmas texts makes use of various modes. They are suitable for Christmas, Innocents Day & Epiphany.
[ex-AMP] 1984 11'
A Maiden Mild
(James Ryman) (SATB and harp or piano)
An extended setting of an early Renaissance English text.
ECS (E.C.Schirmer)
www.ECSpublishing. com
1986/97 4' 45"
Sing with Joy
(Henry Thomas) (SATB and organ)
A triumphant setting for an adventurous choir -- contains an important organ part
1988/97 1' 50"
Awake and Join the Cheerful Choir
(Trad. Dorset ) (SATB & organ)
A vigorous carol with an important organ part
ECS (E.C.Schirmer)
www.ECSpublishing. com
1990/97 1' 50"
Ye Angels, whose Harmonious Strains
(Samuel Wakely) SATB and [ad lib] organ
A short legato carol in the Phrygian mode -- ends with a strong final verse.
www.paracletepress. com 1991/97 1' 30"
The God Whom Earth and Sea and Sky
(SSAA Choir, sop. Solo & organ)
A gentle carol in the Dorian mode, suitable for Marian feast days
(Oregon Catholic Press)
1997 2' 55"
It was so still, Lord
(Derek Healey) (SATB, flute [ad-lib.] & organ)
Evokes the world of the American Indian
2003 4'
The Virgin
(Henry David Thoreau) (Sop. Solo or instrument & SATB)
A simple setting with an ad-lib. instrumental part for Christmas or Marian feast days
ECS (E.C.Schirmer)
2003 2' 35"
The Lord, he comes
(Isaac Watts & trad. Dorset text) (SATB with organ, or 2 trpts. & euph.)
A jovial setting reminiscent of the waites folk ensemble
ECS (E.C.Schirmer)
2003 2'
Hark, Shepherds how the Angels sing
(trad. Dorset) (SATB a cappella)
Opens softly and builds up to a strong climax in the final verse
2003 2' 40"
When Shades of Night
(C. Coffin) (SATB & organ or piano [ad-lib.])
An expressive legatiniso setting of an Advent text -- has some chromaticism
ECS (E.C.Schirmer)
2003 2'40"
While Shepherds in the Fields did Dwell
(J. Tucker) (SATB with organ or piano)
A carol in traditional idiom with organ/piano interludes -- not difficult
1978/05 2' 40"
Let Christians all with one Accord Rejoice
(Trad. English) (S[S]ATB with tambourine & piano)
A jubilant piece with many rhythmic changes.
1979/05 2' 10"
The Miracle of the Cock
(trad. Gypsy) (SATB with [ad-lib.] Organ)
A challenging work written in the Gypsy Scale -- fairly dissonant
1984/05 2' 30"
Make we Joye nowe in the Fest
(XV Century) (SSAATTBB with [ad-lib.] piano & percussion)
An extended setting in a vigorous medieval style
1985/05 3' 35"
Thou whose Birth on Earth
(Algenon Swinburne) (SATB with piano or harp)
A calm setting of Swinburne's simple text
Paraclete Press
www.paracletepress. com
2005 2' 20"
The Lowly Child
(Charles S. Brown) (SSA & keyboard)
A gentle, lilting, lullaby carol in 6/8 with short organ interludes -- suitable for the Nativity
(Oregon Catholic Press)
2005 3' 20"
Two Christina Rossetti Carols
(Christina Rossetti) (SATB & piano (ad lib)
      1) 'Before the Paling of the Stars'
      2) 'Christmas hath a Darkness'
These contrasting settings are suitable for college or high school choirs, or if performed a cappella, for liturgical use.
ECS (E.C.Schirmer)
2005/'08/'09 1) 2' 30"
2) 2'10"
Love came down at Christmas
(Christina Rossetti) (SSA or SATB, and piano or harp)
An easy setting of the well-known poem: available in two versions
ECS (E.C.Schirmer)
2005/2009 2' 15"
Rejoice, the Glorious Day is Come
(Anon. Dorset)    (SSA and harp or piano)
A flowing carol in 6/8 with grateful melodic lines
(Oregon Catholic Press)
2007 3'05"
Shepherds, Keeping Watch by Night
(Trad. Dorset)    (SSA and organ)    (or piano or harp)
A calm setting of a folk text from Dorset. Organ, piano or harp may be used for accompaniment. Not difficult. 2'45"
Behold a Blessed Tender Babe
(Robert Southwell) (Choral, Sacred: Carol SATB with optional piano)
A gentle setting with a rocking motion - good intonation is crucial.
2010 2' 42"

Sacred - Longer works

Opus# Title Publisher Year Duration
7 Praise the Lord
(Ps. 103 v,1-5, 8-17, 20-22) (SATB chorus & solos, recorders, harpsichord & basso cont.)
A cantata in six movements whose character underlines the largely positive nature of Psalm 103 - suitable for University or semi- professional church choir
1960/79 15'
28a Discendi, amor santo (Motet I)
(Bianco da Siena tr. RF Littledale) (Soprano solo, SATB and organ)
A sectional work with virtuoso organ interludes; selected as the CBC's submission to the 1974 Roster
1967 18'
92 Angelus Domini descendit de Caelo (Motet III)
(St. Matthew XXVII vv.2,5 & 6) (Choir [SSSAATTBB] with organ [ad-lib.])
A demanding sectional work written largely in the octotomic scale, the text describes the discovery of Jesus's empty tomb by Mary
2002 8'
96 The Fire of the Lord (Motet IV)
(Acts of the Apostles) (SATB & organ)
(Odes of Solomon - Founding Hospital Collection) - written for a semi or fully professional
2004 5'
111 O Magnum Mysterium (Motet V)
      Solo soprano, SATB, saxophone octet

A setting of the well-known response text for Christmas Morn, in four sections with a triumphant close.
2007 5' 13"
114 Syracusan Motets (Traditional and DEH)
A Cappella choir
      1) Tantum ergo Sacramentum
      2) Guade et Laetare
      3) Prex Sanctae Luciae
      4) Paschae Prima Lux
      5) Ave Regina Caelorum
A Cappella settings of contrasting, traditional and modern Latin texts -- suitable for church or concert use.
2008 14' 00"
116 A Mass for San Corrado
Baritone voice, choir, flute, saxophone octet, percussion and organ
      1) Preludio: in a forest near Piacenza
      2) Kyrie Eleison
      3) Credo 3) Credo
      4) Sanctus
      5) Benedictus
      6) Elevation
      7) Agnes Dei
      8) Gloria in Excelsis
      9) Ite Missa est, and Postludio in folk style
2008 55' 00"
117 To the Ear of God: Five Prayers
choir with ad lib. accompaniment
      1) Breathe in me, O Holy Spirit (St. Augustine)
      2) O Lord Jesus Christ (St. Apollonius of Rome)
      3) O God, who art the Author of Peace (Book of Common Prayer)
      4) Alas, Dear Christ (St. Gregory Nazianzus)
      5) Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ (St. Richard of Chichester)
      A Cappella settings of short prayers, suitable for Church or Concert use.

ECS (E.C.Schirmer)
www.ECSpublishing. com
2009 11' 30"

(3' 23")
130 Missa Brevis: Santa Cecilia
Choir (SATB & piano [ad lib]), with optional organ
      1) Preludio (organ solo)
      2) Kyrie eleison
      3) Sanctus-Benedictus
      4) Agnus Dei
      5) Mottetto: Jesu dulcis memoria
      6) Postludio (organ solo)
This extended short mass is written to sung at Divine Service or in the concert hall. At times, each of the voice parts are divisi.
2011 19' 10"
140 A Posy for the Christ Child
Choir and harp
      Six Carols
      1) Behold the Days Come (Jeremiah 23: 5 & Isaiah 7:14
      2) High Word of God (10th Cent., transl., Charles Bigg)
      3) Hark, Shepherd, how the Angles Sing (Traditional Dorset)
      4) How Vain the Cruel Herods Fear (Sedulius 5th Cent., transl., John M. Neale)
      5) Moonless Darkness (Gerard Manley Hopkins)
      6) Now Blessed be Thou, Christ Jesu (Miles Coverdale, from the German)
A varied set of carols telling the story of the Nativity, from its ancient prediction to the arrival of the Magi.
2014 13' 27"
145 Requiem
Instruments: Soprano solo, chorus and orchestra
      1) Requiem aeternam
      2) Dies irae
      3) Recordare
      4) Domine Jesu (Offertorium)
      5) Sanctus - Benedictus
      6) Agnes Dei
      7) Lux aeterna
      8) Libera me
      9) In Paradisum
A concert setting of the complete Requiem Mass, including the Dies irae.
1999/2016/2021 44' 00"
151 Magnificat for Canterbury
SSATB, Baritone solo & Chamber Orchestra (Tr. Rec 1 & 2, Tn. Rec, timp, hp, vib, org, and str.)
A contemplative setting of the Evening canticle, a companion piece to the Nunc Dimittis below
2017 8' 10"
152 Nunc Dimittis for Canterbury
SSATB, Baritone solo & Chamber Orchestra (Tr. Rec 1 & 2, Tn. Rec, timp, hp,  vib, org, and str.)
A contemplative setting of the Evening canticle, a companion piece to the Magnificat above
2017 4' 20"
158 Magnificat for Saint Martins
Recorder quartet, Percussion (2 players), Glockenspiel,Piano, Choir & Organ
An extended church setting of the latin Magnificat with several climatic sections.
2019 14’35”
164   Motets
Choir (SATB), soprano saxophone and organ
      1) Ave maris stella (Hail, O star that pointest)
      2) Jesu nostra redemption (O Christ our Hope)
      3) Jesu dulcis memoria (Jesu – the very thought is sweet)
      4) Te lucis ante terminum (Before the ending of the day)
      5) Christe qui lux et dies (O Christ, who art the light and day)
      6) Splendor paternae gloriae (O splendour of God’s glory bright)
These settings of well-known ancient texts, can be sung either in Latin or English. They were written to be sung individually, not as a set.
2022 23’

All scores available through
Canadian Music Centre
Chalmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9, Canada

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