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Publishers name given when work is currently in print;
copies of unpublished works obtainable from
Canadian Music Centre
Chalmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9, Canada
or from the composer

Opus# Title Publisher Year Duration
1a Voluntary I
Introduction & Allegro
The first of six multi-movement works inspired by the Voluntaries of 17th & 18th Century English composers.
[Jaymar Music] 1956 6'
1b Voluntary II
Introduction, Allegro & Fugue
This postlude is in a classic form employed by John Stanley.
[Jaymar Music] 1956 7'
1c Voluntary III
Larghetto, Recitativo & Allegro
The work opens calmly, followed by a free cadenza-like section, which in turn is followed by a rather rambunctious finale.
[Jaymar Music] 1956 8'
8 Concerto for organ, strings & timpani
(1) Lento-Allegro furioso
(2) Intermezzo & Cadenza
(3) Vivace
The serious mood of the opening movement is dispelled in the 5/8 Intermezzo; a high spirited Vivace concludes the work. Commissioned by Canadian patron of the Arts -- Gordon Jeffery
[RCCO] 1960 13'
10 Sonata I
(1) Adagio Maestoso - Allegro commodo - Adagio
(2) Scherzo-Vivace
(3) Aria con Variazioni-Larghetto
(4) Finale-Presto Adiratamente
This demanding four movement sonata has rather heroic dimensions. It was commissioned and premiered by Barrie Cabena.
1961 21'
15a Voluntary IV
Adagio lirico, Allegro agitato & Adagio
The opening and closing movements make use of bird songs, while the central Allegro is of a more strenuous character.
1962/63 10'
15b Voluntary V
Tempo guisto, Andantino & Allegro scherzoso
Dedicated to the Spanish organist Montserrat Torrent, hence the Spanish stylings in the first movement. The following Andante has a melodic structure, whilst the final movement is a flippant rondo.
1963/62 8'
15c Voluntary VI
Introduzione, Aria e Passicaglia
The last of the works in Voluntary form; the influence of J.S. Bach is felt in both the Aria and the Passacaglia.
[ex-Novello & Co.] 1962/65 10'
18 Three Preludes on French Hymn Tunes
(1) Christe Sanctorum
(2) Picardy
(3) O Quanto Qualia
A set of choral-preludes with neo-classic stylings, based on well-known French melodies.
[ex-Novello & Co.] 1963/65 4'
22 Romany Variations
(Variations on 'The Three Gypsies') for organ, strings & perc.
Theme Andante, Variation 1 'March', Var. 2 'Chorale',
Var. 3 'Siciliano', Var. 4'Gavotte', Var. 5 'Round',
Var. 6 'Conga', Var. 7 'Recitative', Var. 8 'Moto Perpetuo'
These variations are based on a well-known English folk-song. Neo-classic structures abound in the set of characteristic pieces. Commissioned by Canadian Patron of the Arts -- Gordon Jeffrey, but premiered in 1981 at the Delius Festival, Jacksonville, Florida, being awarded the Delius Prize.
[RCCO] 1965/79 16'
23 Variants: The Coventry Carol
Refrain, Verse 1, Verse 2, Verse 3, Refrain

A linked set of variations on the well-known carol. The writing explores the story- content of each verse.
[ex-Novello & Co.] 1964/67 8'
25 Partita '65
(1) Preludio-In modo eroico  (2) Aria  (3) Lullaby
(4) Gargoyle  (5) Toccatina
A set of five character pieces inspired by the birth of the composerÕs daughter Jacqueline, The melody of the lullaby was written to be sung by his wife, Olive.
[ex-Novello & Co.] 1965/67 14'
28b Paraphrase: 'Discendi, amor santo'
(1) Lento   (2) Andante cantabile
(3) Vivo  (4) Lento
An arrangement of four sections selected from the extended motet for chorus and organ, 'Discendi amor santo'.
1975 10'
30a Cookham Notebook
(1) Hec Dies   (2) Folk Song   (3) Gavotta
(4) Communion     (5) Litanic Scherzo
A set of five character-pieces written whilst organist at Cookham Parish Church in England
1967 21'
30b Three Quiet Pieces
(1) Preludio     (2) Canto     (3) Pastorale
Movements 1 and 3 are inspired by paintings of Stanley Spencer and are from an earlier version of the 'Cookham Notebook'. The 'Canto' is based on an Ojibway song.
[ex-Augsburg Publishing] 1967/74 12'
32 Festus
(1) Grandioso     (2) Vivo
A boisterous, if somewhat dissonant, postlude for a Festival Service. A commission by the Church and The Arts Festival, in London, Ontario
1968 7'
35 The Lost Traveler's Dream
Inspired by a quotation from William Blake. Written in proportional notation and making use of clusters and fragments from earlier pieces.
[Jaymar Music] 1970/72 7'
44 Summer '73/Ontario
organ & tape
Commissioned by Canadian Organist George Black, the work expresses feelings evoked by Summers in Guelph, Ontario.
1975 16'
65 Homage: F.D.     -    A Rhapsody for organ & piano
A homage to Frederick Delius using stylings found in his works; commissioned by Hugh and Anne McLean.
1985 13'
75 Sonata No.II
(1) Ah-dhee     (2) Night Scene     (3) Caprice
The first movement is based on South Indian rhythmic cells, while the second is inspired by a nocturnal poem of WWE Ross. Movement three, commissioned by the Toronto chapter of the RCCO, uses fragments from a Canadian folk song.
[Jaymar Music] 1992 13'
80 Sonata III
(1) Toccata (2) Cantilena (3) Finale alla Burlesca
This sonata is of a serious, technically demanding, character. Premiered by the composer at his 60th, birthday celebration concert in Guelph, Canada.
1996 14' 30"
81 'from the Gaelic': 10 Preludes on Irish Melodies
(1) Slane I (2) Bunessan (3) Caoineadh na marbh
(4) Slane II (5) Fanad Head (6) Wexford Carol
(7) Slane III (8) Cormac (9) Peacefield
(10) Slane IV
A set of preludes originally intended for concert use, with four variant preludes on 'Slane' acting as a ritornello. Dedicated to Albert Ahlstrom.
[ECS Publishing]
1996 17' 15"
87 Fantasia on the Shape-note Hymn 'Salvation, O the Joyful Sound'
Requested by Albert Ahlstrom for a recital at the Church of the Pilgrims, Brooklyn. This hymn tune fantasy is based on the Appalachian folk melody 'Primrose'.
1999 11' 30"
89 Seven Preludes on Latino Hymns, Book I
The first of three sets of seven preludes based on melodies selected mainly from Central America and Spain. Suitable for both church & concert use; these folk melodies possess a marked freshness of character.
(1) Spanish Chant (Praise)
(2) Pues concebida (Immaculate conception)
(3) Navidava puri nihau (Christmas)
(4) Perdona a tu pueblo (Lent)
(5) Senor, proclamamos la fe (Communion)
(6) Ven, oh Santo Espiritu (Pentecost)
(7) Como el Rey David (Praise)
1999 15'
89 Seven Preludes on Latino Hymns, Book II
(1) Gloria a Dios (Glory of God)
(2) Un mandamiento nuevo (Communion)
(3) Buenos dias, Paloma Blanca (The Blessed Virgin Mary)
(4) Estaba al pie de la Cruz (The Passion)
(5) Panga lingua Espangol (Communion)
(6) Recibe, Padre Eterno (Communion)
(7) Un mandamiento nuevo II (Communion)
1999 16'
89 Seven Preludes on Latino Hymns, Book III
(1) Alegria, alegria, alegria (Christmas)
(2) Un mandamiento nuevo III (Communion)
(3) Mananitas tapatias (The Blessed Virgin Mary)
(4) Ofertorio Nicaraguense (Communion)
(5) Un mandamiento nuevo IV (Communion)
(6) Viva La Virgen de Guadalupe (The Blessed Virgin Mary)
(7) Tu eres, Senor, el pan de vida (Communion)
1999 16'
89a Four Preludes on Latino Religious Songs
violin & organ
These preludes are selected from the three sets of Latino organ preludes, and are suitable for both church or concert use.
(1) Ofertorio Nicaraguense (Nicaragua)
(2) Un Mandamiento Nuevo (Spain)
(3) Buenos Dias, Paloma Blanca (Mexico)
(4) Como el Rey David (Mexico)
1999 8' 10"
94 A Sonata for Virginia
violin & organ
(1) Virginia Dare: her Pavan     (2) Jig
(3) Fantasy: Croatoan     (4) Finale: a debt repaid.
The first three movements are inspired by Sir Walter Raleigh's expeditions to found a colony in North America in 1584 & 1587. The finale was written as a closing work for concert use. Dedicated to the Murray/Lohuis Duo.
2000 20' 00"
102 Northern Landscapes
soprano saxophone & organ
(1) Nature enduring
(2) Raftsman's Song
(3) Quiet Autumn
(4) Tumbling River
(5) Below Freezing
(6) High Summer
Six short colorful movements inspired by paintings of the 'Group of Seven'
2006 15' 15"
119 Fantasia: Forty Days and Forty Nights (Aus der Tiefe rufe ich)
This choral Fantasia, on the well-known Lenten Hymn, consists of six verses based on the hymn's text, separated by episodes.
2009 11' 45"
127 Poste-Haste (a Caprice)
Violin and organ
A virtuosic movement - suitable as a finale to a concert
2011 4' 38'
133 from the Spanish: 7 Preludes on Latino Hymns
trumpet (or alto saxophone) and organ
      1) Cuando fue Jesus (The Raising of Lazarus)
      2) Saludo, saludo (Christmas)
      3) Recibe, Padre Eterno (Communion)
      4) Ven, Oh Santo Espiritu (Pentecost)
      5) La Navidad ha llegado (Christmas)
      6) Mananitas a la Virgen de Guadalupe
           (The Virgin Mary)
      7) Sin pecado original (The Virgin Mary)
A set of preludes based on fresh and beautiful melodies, little known outside Latino communities. Suitable for liturgical or concert use.
2013 13'
154 Choralvorspiele: 52 Preludes on Lutheran Hymns
This set of 52 choral preludes is divided into two books, the first being devoted to hymns from Advent to Trinity Sunday, while Book II consists of preludes from special occasions such as Praise and Thanksgiving, Baptism, Remembrance, Communion, Born in Gods Love, etc. Originally written for a large organ, the majority of preludes can be played on three, or two manual instruments.
2018 1 hour 45 mins (complete set)
2 min. (average duration, single prelude)

All scores available through
Canadian Music Centre
Chalmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9, Canada

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