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Works for Wind Ensemble/Band

Publishers name given when work is currently in print;
copies of unpublished works obtainable from
Canadian Music Centre
Chalmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9, Canada
or from the composer

Opus# Title Publisher Year Duration
66 Symphony II: Mountain Music
     Five movements:
· When Men and Mountains meet
· Mountain Man
· The West Wind
· The High Snows
· The Mountain's Song
1986 32'
73 Triptych
      Symphony II:
Mountain Music played without a break, constructed on three Indian Ragas
1990 14'
82 One Midsummer's Morning: an English folk-set
     Arrangements of six English folk songs:
· Among the New Mown Hay
· The Banks of Sweet Primroses
· High Germany
· Strawberry Fair
· Bushes and Briars
· Shropshire Rounds
1997 20' 30"
89h Latino Preludes
    Four short preludes based on Latino religious songs:
· Fanfare
· Cancion
· Aria
· Salida
1999/03 8' 45"
93 Solemn Music: A Tribute to Station Number 3, Brooklyn
     An elegy for fallen firefighters
2003 7' 37"
95 English Dances
     for wind band with percussion
1) Processional (Morris Dance)
2) Cheshire Rounds (Country Dance)
3) Jenny pluck pears (Elizabethan Dance)
4) How d'ye do, Sir? (Morris Dance)
5) Pop goes the Weasel (Morris Dance)
6) Sir Roger de Coverly (Country Dance
2004 16' 15"
125 KORE: a Symphonic Poem
    for large Italian wind band (a single movement in six sections)
A single movement in six sections, depicting the legend of Persephone'sdescent into the underworld, and return to earth in springtime
· Persephone collects flowers
· The appearance of Hades, king of the underworld
· Persephone descends into the underworld
· Persephone in the Land of the Dead
· Persephone returns to the earth
· The Arrival of Spring
2010 10' 05"
132 Owls and Pale Maidens: a Homage to Frances Macdonald and James Herbert McNair
A colorful, episodic work inspired by the work of these two great Glaswegian Art-Nouveau artists
for large wind ensemble, percussion, piano and harp
2012 14' 11"
134 HUNTER: a homage to Robert Flaherty
Winds and Percussion
      Figures in a Barren Landscape
      The Hunt Songs after the Hunt
Inspired by mans battle for survival in an unforgiving terrain is largely based on motives from Inuit Song. The three sections are played without a break. Not easy suitable for Senior and Graduate level wind ensembles.
2013 12'
141 Two for Annie
School wind band
      An essay in Inuit melodic style, suitable for band levels 1.5 - 2+.
Oct. 2014 6' 47"
150 Songs from the Shih Ching
Lyric soprano and large wind ensemble

       Movements - Part 1       Duration: 15’29”
1) The Raging Waters    2) The Clearing
3) Be careful, Chung Tsu!    4) Shu is away
5) The Willows at the Western Gate    6) The Hunt

       Movements – Part 2       Duration: 16’37”
7) The Sacred Tower    8) Down fall the plums
9) The North Wind    10) Gathering White Asters
11) The great Carriage    12) What of the Night?

Description: dramatic nature, chosen from the Chou Dynasty collection
the Shin Ching or Confucian Odes c. 800 B.C. – 600 B.C.  For Senior or
Graduate level performers.  Songs may be performed individually or in
groups chosen by the performers.                                                
2016 32' 06"
159 NOVA:  12 Variations on a Scotian Song
Large Wind Ensemble and Percussion

Theme   (1’54”)     1) The Riders   (1’42”)
2) Scherzo Gioviale  (1’29”)    3) Flugel    (1’23”)
4) A Sigh   (1’39”)    5) Scales   (1’17”)
6) Echo Scherzo   (1’19”)     7) Strathspey   (1’33”)
8) Western Wind  (1’25”)      9) Oboe & Timps  (1’13”)
10) Arietta Triste  (1’40”)    11) Trumpets Flourishing   (1’57”)
12) Waulking Song  (2’38”)

Description: An extended and colourful setting of the Magnificat in Latin.                                                
2019 20’49”

All scores available through
Canadian Music Centre
Chalmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9, Canada

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